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Bill Maher: Those Incompetent Republicans

  After having to hear about the Republican Party American Taliban trying to take credit for Bin Laden’s death, we have a sane voice in Bill Maher on his show on Friday, May 6th. A partial transcript follows, or you can go HERE to watch him present the facts about the GOP.


All right, New Rule, stop calling this place a mansion.  It looks like a 5-unit apartment complex in Van Nuys.  A mansion is where the Beverly Hillbillies live.  This is more like the house they show on the local news when some Mexican's pit bull has eaten a baby.

New Rule, stop saying "we" got Osama.  "We" didn't do anything.  "We" were watching Celebrity Apprentice and eating Funyuns in our sweatpants.  SEAL Team Six did the killing, with money we borrowed from Beijing that our grandchildren will have to pay back.  So it was a joint Navy SEALs, People's Bank of China, grandchildren operation.

New Rule, the White House doesn't have to release the dead bin Laden photos, but don't pretend that we can't take it.  We handled pictures of Britney Spears' vagina getting out of a car.  Come on, television has desensitized us to violence, and porn has desensitized us to people getting shot in the eye.

New Rule, the Pentagon must apologize to Native Americans for giving such a universally reviled character as Osama bin Laden the code name "Geronimo"... and admit they should have gone with their second choice, The Donald.

New Rule, conspiracy theorists who are claiming that we didn't really kill bin Laden, must be reminded that they didn't think he did the crime in the first place!  Come on, nutjobs, keep your bullshit straight!  The towers were brought down in a controlled demolition by George W. Bush to distract attention from Hawaii where CIA operatives were planting phony birth records, so that a Kenyan named Obama could someday rise to power and pretend to take out the guy we pretended took out the towers!  And I know that's true because I just got it in an e-mail from Trump.

And finally, New Rule.  Now that it's become clear that the Republicans, the fiscally conservative, strong on defense party, are neither fiscally conservative nor strong on defense, they have to tell us what exactly it is they're good at.

Because it's not defense.  9/11 happened on your watch.  And you retaliated by invading the wrong country.  And you lost a 10-year game of hide-and-seek with Osama bin Laden.  And you're responsible for running up most of the debt, which, more than anything, makes us weak.  You're supposed to be the party with the killer instinct.  But it was a Democrat who put a bomb in Gaddafi's bedroom and a bullet in bin Laden's eye like Moe Greene.  Raising the question, how many Muslims does a black guy have to kill in one weekend before crackers climb down off his ass?

(wild audience applause)

Let's look at some facts.  Now, for you Fox News viewers, feel free to turn down the sound until the flashing "FACTS" light at the bottom of your screen disappears.

When Bill Clinton left office in 2001, the Congressional Budget Office predicted that by the end of the decade, we would have paid off the entire debt, and have a $2 trillion dollar surplus.  Instead, we have a $10.5 trillion dollar public debt, and the difference in those two numbers is mostly because the Republicans put tax cuts for the rich, free drugs for the elderly, and two wars on the layaway plan, and then bailed on the check.  So, so much for fiscal responsibility.

But hey, at least they still had the defense thing, right?  The public still believed Republicans were tougher when it came to hunting down dark-skinned foreigners with funny-sounding names.  But Bush had seven years to get Osama.  He didn't.  He got Wesley Snipes.  Only 6 months after 9/11, Bush said he didn't spend that much time on bin Laden, adding that he was no longer concerned about him, just as he wasn't before 9/11, when he blew off that mysterious, inscrutable memo entitled "Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the U.S."  In under a year, Bush went from "Who gives a shit?" to "Wanted: Dead or Alive" and back to "Who gives a shit?"  Why focus on the terrorist who reduced Wall Street to rubble, when you can help Wall Street reduce the whole country to rubble?

In 2008, the candidates were asked, if they knew for sure that bin Laden was in Pakistan, would you send our guys in without permission to get him?  McCain said no, because Pakistan is a sovereign nation.  Obama said yes, he'd just do it.  And McCain called him naïve.  Who's being naïve, K?  And why can't you just admit that Barack Obama is one efficient steely-nerved multitasking black ninja gangsta President?

In one week, he produced his birth certificate, comforted disaster victims, swung by Florida to say hey to Gabby Giffords, did stand-up at the Correspondents Dinner, and then personally repelled into bin Laden's lair and put a Chinese star through his throat without waking up any of his 13 wives!  That's how it went down, I saw it on MSNBC.

Look, 30% of this country will always vote Republican.  I'm just asking why.  Yes, paranoia, greed, and racism are fun, but it's like when you see someone driving a Mercury.  You think, did that person really wake up one day and think, "You know what car I really want to drive?  A Mercury Mariner."  No!  You assume he knows someone who sells them, or he was molested by a KIA dealer as a child.

And I know this all sounds like harsh truth, but Republicans are supposed to be the party of harsh truths.  Like, there's no such thing as a free lunch.  And speaking of lunch, I think Obama just ate yours.

GOP Sends Obama a Warning On Upcoming Executive Order

  The order would require those government contractors to disclose all of their political contributions, which the corporations and their Republican whores want no part of for obvious reasons. This order would be Obama’s response to the Supreme Court making it legal for companies to donate pretty much unlimited cash to whoever they choose. Remember Citizens United?

Original  by jamess on Fri May 06, 2011

Republicans must have "just ate their Wheaties!"    (to recall an old Ad campaign.)

GOP Warns Obama Not to Issue Executive Order for Government Contractors -- May 06, 2011

Republicans are warning President Obama not to issue an executive order that would require government  contractors to disclose their political donations.

Obama drafted the proposal last month, which is reminiscent of a provision in a Democratic bill called the Disclose Act that died in the Congress last year.

Will Obama ignore, the GOP's sternly worded warning?   I certainly hope so.
The proposed [executive] order would require government contractors to disclose all donations to federal candidates, political parties, committees or interest groups spending money on campaigns once the total exceeds $5,000 in a given year.

The White House has said the proposed order would provide transparency to taxpayers about political spending by government contractors.

But in a letter to the president, California Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the No. 3 Republican in the House, said Obama's proposed order "seems like a blatant attempt to intimidate, and potentially silence, certain speakers who are engaged in their constitutionally protected right to free speech."

Oh Really!?

Simply Disclosing your {Corporate} Name when you happen to be giving more than $5,000 in a year towards numerous "political causes"

-- THAT infringes on your Free Speech rights ???

I don't think so.

I don't see it, even if you buy the Money = Speech argument;

NO ONE is STOPPING you, Rep. McCarthy, from giving away your vast fortune, foolishly;

The Executive Transparency Order would just require you and your Benefactors, to give away your Names TOO, as you're giving away your millions

-- all to "win friends in high places,  and influence people, to vote just like you do" ...

IF WE were all Millionaires -- well maybe such a Disclosure Rule would NOT be needed

-- since maybe, it would be a more level playing field;  We'd ALL have 10's of thousands to drop here, to drop there;  To buy Friends.

BUT We're NOT, so it IS -- Needed ...

Signing your name to your "Political Action" helps us all to be better informed, and to make better informed Decisions,

about our "Cheap Seats" Political Speech ... otherwise known as Voting.

Where the only Equation that matters is:

One person = One Vote ... period.

Actual Signatures Required, by the way, in this Arena --

Corporate Persons, need not apply.

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Friday Funnies: Bin Laden Terminated Edition

  There is just way to much material to put up covering this topic, but here are a few of the better pictures and cartoons.

   Have a great weekend!

Cagle Cartoons


From BuzzFeed

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Cagle Cartoons

Cagle Cartoons

Pelosi pokes fun at Republicans in disarray over Medicare, budget vote

Joan McCarter   Fri May 06, 2011    Original

Boehner Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner (Kevin Lamarque/Reuters)

Democratic Leader Pelosi has some fun at the Republican's expense today, exploiting the Republicans in disarry narrative that's quickly emerging.

To:  Congressional Republicans
Fr:   Democratic Leader’s Press Office
Da:  May 6, 2011
Re: “Confusion?”  Not When It Comes to Your Vote to End Medicare As We Know It

“On the table.”  “Off the table.”  “Absolutely not.”  No “Grand Slam.”  “Singles.”  “Doubles.”

There appears to be a lot of “confusion” coming from your side of the aisle, but there is one thing you can be certain of: your vote to end Medicare as we know it is anything but confusing to the American people.

Have a good weekend.

Friday Funnies: Bin Laden Lunchtime Edition

  As you can guess, the late-night talk show hosts had a field day with Bin Laden jokes, as did the political cartoonist. A few of them are below. It is lunchtime on the East Coast. Eat and get a laugh.

David Letterman: "The Republicans are so happy about bin Laden they've granted President Obama full citizenship."

"How about those Navy Seals. We're getting our money's worth there. They broke into Osama bin Laden's compound with 12-foot walls topped by barbed wire, and fired a warning shot into his head."

"There's already been some trouble for Osama bin Laden in the afterlife. There was a mix up and he was greeted by 72 vegans."

Jimmy Kimmel:  "After all the talk about caves, bin Laden was hiding in a million-dollar mansion in Pakistan. The CIA became suspicious when they learned there was a million-dollar mansion in Pakistan."

"Osama bin Laden, as we speak, is living with Spongebob in a pineapple under the sea."

"He's up to 2,000 friends on Shot In The Facebook."

Jay Leno:  "Bin Laden was buried at sea. Or as Dick Cheney calls it, 'the ultimate waterboarding.'"

"Osama bin Laden was apparently shot twice in the face. It looks like Dick Cheney may have been involved."

via Reddit

via Reddit

via BuzzFeed

Al-Qaida: Bin Laden Is Dead

  I guess that it is now official that Osama Bin Laden is dead now that Al-Qaida has said so?  Maybe now the United States can get on with the issues in the country that are still amongst the living. Things like jobs creation, higher taxes to pay for the operation of our government services, and other such matters.

   Maybe we can even talk half-term governor Sarah Palin into relocating to Bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan as a goodwill gesture. At least then when she says that she can see Pakistan from her house, she will be right this time.

  Al-Qaida also said that the happiness that Americans are having over Bin Laden’s execution will be turned to sadness.  

   So, who will be the next front-man for Al-Qaida?

The announcement opens the way for the group to name a successor to bin Laden. His deputy Ayman al-Zawahri is now the most prominent figure in the group and is a very likely contender to take his place. The U.S.-born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, thought to be hiding in Yemen, has also been mentioned as a possible successor.    MSNBC

   I say send in  the SEALS and let them take at least the top 5 possible choices to replace Bin Laden out of the running. It’s a start.


Osama Bin Laden’s Pictures…

   …will not be released by the White House, as you may know.

   I myself see no reason to release the photo’s to the public just  to appease the wing-nuts and the rest of the conspiracy buffoons.  you cannot satisfy any of those idiot groups anyway, no matter what you do.

  One who is in disagreement with me would be Jon Stewart


Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Credit That Bush Deserves For Bin Laden’s Death? NONE!!!

  Do yourselves a favor and do not listen to those factually-challenged Republicans when they tell you that former resident Bush deserves credit for the death of Bin Laden. the only credit that the fool deserves is the credit for stopping the hunt for Osama.

ABC News

The revelation that intelligence gleaned from the CIA's so-called black sites helped kill bin Laden was seen as vindication for many intelligence officials who have been repeatedly investigated and criticized for their involvement in a program that involved the harshest interrogation methods in U.S. history.

"We got beat up for it, but those efforts led to this great day," said Marty Martin, a retired CIA officer who for years led the hunt for bin Laden.

Mohammed did not reveal the names while being subjected to the simulated drowning technique known as waterboarding, former officials said. He identified them many months later under standard interrogation, they said, leaving it once again up for debate as to whether the harsh technique was a valuable tool or an unnecessarily violent tactic.

President George W. Bush

Published: July 4, 2006

WASHINGTON, July 3 — The Central Intelligence Agency has closed a unit that for a decade had the mission of hunting Osama bin Laden and his top lieutenants, intelligence officials confirmed Monday.

The unit, known as Alec Station, was disbanded late last year and its analysts reassigned within the C.I.A. Counterterrorist Center, the officials said.

I know what my answer is.  I give Bush all the credit in the world for making certain we would not find Osama bin Laden or bring him to justice until someone else became President.  He did a great job at accomplishing that mission.       Steven D

Bin Laden Unarmed When Killed…

  …and I have to ask. Do you really care? I know that I do not and many others do not either.

    There are many of the GOP wingnuts ranting about how it is illegal to shoot an un-armed person and such other non-sense.

  One thing to say. At least Osama Bin Laden knew that his death was coming. Victims in the World Trade Center did not.

   Good bye, and good riddance!

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Royal Wedding Video

   The Obama administration will not release the pictures of Osama Bin Laden after he was killed, so, I have opted to cover the newly released video of the royal wedding, courtesy of The Daily Show.


One More Time. Bush Had NOTHING To Do With Bin Laden’s Killing…

   ….and I am already sick and tired of hearing the Republicans and the rest of that group trying to credit Bush with Osama being killed this past week. Give it a rest!

  After the following video, if you are in the mood for another shot at Donald Trump, go down to the last video and watch Jimmy Fallon does his impersonation  of Trump.



Florida Taliban Handed A Sleight Defeat For Now

  Rick Scott and his criminal cronies got slapped a little.

FL GOP Attempt to Dismantle Judiciary FAILS

by SemDem for DKos Florida    Wed May 04, 2011

It's truly a wingnut's wet dream here.  And just like a dictator who has fallen out of favor, the Fleabag lawmakers are pulling all stops to cling to power. 

There are only two main obstacles: an awakened, angry electorate... and the court system, our third branch of government.  The Fleabag lawmakers have already taken care of the electorate with a fast-tracked, blatant voter suppression bill that I covered in my last diary.  Rachael Maddow devoted her show to it last week.  So there's that.

So that just leaves us with the state judiciary, which has not been playing ball with the GOP as of late.

The Florida Supreme Court did the unforgivable last year.  Not only did they NOT throw out two grass-roots citizen-led initiatives (amendments 5 & 6) that would end gerrymandered districts to protect incumbents in our legislative and congressional elections, but they had the audacity to throw out the GOP legislature's ominous Amendment 7--which was an amendment the legislature tried to sneak in that would "clarify" 5 & 6 if they passed.  And by clarify, I mean overturn.  It was so misleading that Judge Shelfer said it took him three days to understand what was written; and he tossed it off the November ballot.

With nothing to confuse the voters, amendments 5 & 6 won handily.  The GOP could NOT let this stand.  Judges, like the electorate, had to know their place in the new order. 

So they attempted to work over Florida's judiciary:

1.  SB 1504, sponsored by GOP Sen. David Simmons, would revoke the Florida Supreme Court’s power to remove any proposed constitutional amendment from ballot just because it is "misleading to voters".

Think about that for a second.

2.  Attempted to disband the Judicial Nominating Commission, which currently chooses nominees for the Supreme Court and state courts.  Gov. Voldemort would have had the SOLE authority to nominate state and Supreme Court justices.

3.  Attempted to split the court into two...move all the Democratic-appointed judges to the new Criminal division, and then allow Gov. Voldemort to appoint three new right-wing justices... just in time to review the redistricting maps. 

4.  Attempted to give themselves the authority to nix judicial rules and procedures put in place by the Supreme Court.  No power grab there.

5.  Attempted to move the bar for judges to win re-election to 60%.

6.  Punish the courts by cutting their funding.  In the same breath the state legislature is saying they want to increase efficiency, their budget cuts the high court's staff more than 50 percent.  That'll learn 'em!  (Staff increased for the other two branches, by the by.)

Every bar association, independent legal scholar, major state paper and national papers, including USA Today, called this scheme for what it was:  a powergrab and payback.  Activists flooded their legislator's inbox and voiceball.

And as of yesterday, when the world was celebrating a terrorist's death, the powergrab of the Florida judiciary died as well.

A watered down version passed Monday would allow Senate confirmation of justices, give the House access to confidential judicial investigations, and, of course, #4--allow the legislature to repeal judicial procedural rules enacted by the court.  The good news is that this amendment requires voter approval by 60% next election. Ha!

The bad news is that the legislature still yanks and threatens to yank funding when they throw their temper tantrums.  This is where I need your help:

I am calling on activists to start a citizen-led initiative for an amendment of our own:  Automatically fund the state judiciary with 1 percent of the state's budget. 

Currently, the judiciary budget is under .07%, and the legislature vindictively cuts it when they feel like it.  The judiciary, which we depend on to stop some of the insanity, is so underfunded that the judiciary had to beg for a $14 million infusion just to keep operating to the end of April! 

The courts cannot count on the legislature to do the right thing, and neither can we.

Also republished by Class Warfare Newsletter: The Plutocracy VS the Working Class and Community Spotlight.

Bin Laden Death Irks Pakistan

  Let’s get this right, okay? We have given Pakistan somewhere in the neighborhood of $300 billion in aid and yet they have the gall to be angry at the United States for going after Osama without letting them know in advance? This crap from the country that has been hiding Bin Laden for the past few years in a $1 million compound near the countries top military academy. The nerve!

U.S. officials have suggested Pakistani officials may have known where bin Laden was living and members of Congress have seized on those suspicions to call for the U.S. to consider cutting billions of aid to Pakistan if it turns out to be true.

Western officials have long regarded Pakistani security forces with suspicion, especially when it comes to links with militants fighting in Afghanistan. Last year, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton publicly said she suspected that some members of Pakistan's government knew where bin Laden was hiding.

However, within Pakistan criticism has been focused on the U.S. breaching the country's sovereignty. The Obama administration has said it did not inform the Pakistanis in advance of the operation against bin Laden, for fear they would tip off the targets.  Yahoo News

   Pakistani officials are now trying to cover their asses, and they are feeling a little left out of the party.

In a statement, the Pakistani government said "this event of unauthorized unilateral action cannot be taken as a rule."

"The government of Pakistan further affirms that such an event shall not serve as a future precedent for any state, including the U.S.," it said, calling such actions a "threat to international peace and security."

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Republicans say torture led U.S. to bin Laden. Facts say otherwise.

  Those darned Republicans still distorting the facts after Bin Laden is killed.

You could see this one coming a mile off. Here's Dick Cheney on Fox News: "I would assume the enhanced interrogation program we put in place produced some of the results that led to bin Laden's ultimate capture.... We need to keep in place those policies that made it possible for us to succeed in this case."

Here's an AP story reiterating the same.

Current and former U.S. officials say that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, provided the nom de guerre of one of bin Laden's most trusted aides. The CIA got similar information from Mohammed's successor, Abu Faraj al-Libi. Both were subjected to harsh interrogation tactics inside CIA prisons in Poland and Romania.

Or how about the Heritage Foundation screaming "Detainee Interrogations: Key to Killing Osama bin Laden": "This lead was developed during the Bush Administration, most likely from al-Qaeda associates picked up and transferred to Guantanamo and subject to interrogations that critics have repeatedly deemed to be pointless in terms of intelligence value. Whether these detainees remain at Guantanamo is an open question." See, if Bush and Cheney hadn't been man enough to torture people, we never would have found bin Laden. Nine years later.

There's plenty more where that came from:

  • Rep. Steve King (R-IA) tweeted, "Wonder what President Obama thinks of water boarding now?"
  • Karl Rove said on Fox & Friends this morning: "I think the tools that President Bush put into place—GITMO, rendition, enhanced interrogation, the vast effort to collect and collate this information — obviously served his successor quite well."
  • Bush torture architect John Yoo says "Without the tough decisions taken by President Bush and his national security team, the United States could not have found and killed bin Laden. It is the continuity of policies in the war on terror that has brought success, not the misguided effort of the last two years to disavow them."

Let's revisit history, again, by going to the best source, Marcy Wheeler at emptywheel. The waterboarding of KSM, all 183 instances, occurred in March, 2003. The torture of al Libi happened in early 2002, after his November, 2001 capture.

As Marcy explained in an e-mail:

Assuming they got the courier's name in 2005 or 2006, per reports, it happened 2 years or more after KSM's waterboarding.

Which would say KSM withheld this information under waterboarding.

And given how much time it took to actually get from the courier to the compound (presumably about 4 years), both KSM and al-Libi didn't give all that much on the courier(s).

KSML was waterboarded 183 times, presumably without revealing the name of the courier. And, since it took 183 tries, the efficacy of the whole enterprise can only be questioned. [Update: The following applies to Ibn al-Shaykh al-Libi, not to Abu Faraj al-Libi, who is sourced in the AP story. The lesson about the effectiveness of torture remains unchanged, but the timeline for Abu Faraj al-Libi is slightly different. See emptywheel for more on that.] But what the torture of al Libi "revealed" is even more damning for the pro-torturers's case.

Having slipped off the radar, the government clearly does not want his case revived, not only because it may have to explain what has happened to him, but also because, as a result of the application of "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques," al-Libi claimed that Saddam Hussein had offered to train two al-Qaeda operatives in the use of chemical and biological weapons.

Al-Libi's "confession" led to President Bush declaring, in October 2002, "Iraq has trained al-Qaeda members in bomb making and poisons and gases," and his claims were, notoriously, included in Colin Powell's speech to the UN Security Council on February 5, 2003. The claims were of course, groundless, and were recanted by al-Libi in January 2004, but it took Dan Cloonan, a veteran FBI interrogator, who was resolutely opposed to the use of torture, to explain why they should never have been believed in the first place. Cloonan told Jane Mayer, "It was ridiculous for interrogators to think Libi would have known anything about Iraq... The reason they got bad information is that they beat it out of him. You never get good information from someone that way."

What torture got us, in practical terms, was the Iraq debacle. And the complete and well-deserved debasement of our international standing. And a hell of a lot more anti-American terrorists.

Right-Wingers Still Short On Facts

  It never ceases to amaze me at the lengths that the right-wing will to go in order to make themselves look like assholes.

DKos           by   Stand Strong

By now, you've probably seen this pathetic excuse of an attempt to deny the President any credit for the recent events that resulted in the death of Osama Bin Laden:

Let's be clear on this: OBAMA did NOT kill Bin Laden. An American soldier, who Obama just a few weeks ago was debating on whether or not to PAY, did. Obama just happened to be the one in office when our soldiers finally found OBL and took him out. This is NOT an Obama victory, but an AMERICAN victory!!!

This is one of the most ridiculous, disingenuous and steaming piles of dog mess I've seen in a while. It almost tops the chain-mail I got several years ago about how all Democrats hate the troops, want them to die, and support the terrorists. That one didn't end well either, thanks to "Reply All."

Yes, Obama did NOT personally kill Bin Laden but then again, George Bush didn't personally kill Saddam Hussein either but he got credit for it, didn't he? And surprisingly, there are some out there today giving Bush credit for this, and yet he happens to not be the guy in office anymore which pretty much nulls that first argument.

But to get to a more serious point, the truth of the matter is that this was a long-term project which involved numerous meetings between the President and his security advisers, as well as the diligence of those in the intelligence community and ultimately, those soldiers who actually carried out the mission.

However, HAD THIS MISSION FAILED and Osama Bin Laden gotten away and/or those SEALs who underwent the mission been injured or killed, are you telling me you're going to dish out a heaping cup of blame on the SEALs for fucking it up?

No, of course not. But I'll tell you what you WILL do. You're going to turn and you're going to look at the President and you're going to blame him.


HE was the one who had the meetings and reviewed the intelligence.
HE was the one who made the decision to launch the mission.
HE, as Commander in Chief of the United States, who is ultimately responsible for the well-being of those who serve this nation, sent a SEAL team on probably one of the most high profile, risky individual campaigns those people had ever gone on.

If things go to shit, THAT'S on the President. But if it succeeds...?

As for the other myths in this meme, the soldiers didn't just "finally found OBL" while doing a routine patrol. They were given intelligence, they trained, they planned. This was a mission, not some spider-hole they stumbled upon, popped the lid off of and said "Whoa! Hey! What do we have here?!" This was a mission reviewed and approved by the President.

And lastly, with regards to "cutting off pay," I assume this involves the recent threats of shutting down the government?

Yeah, that wasn't Obama either.

Jon Stewart: “We’re Back Baby”

  Jon Stewart was on a roll with the Osama Bin Laden story on Monday night. Take a look.














Bin Laden Is Dead: The Cartoons















Monday, May 02, 2011

Tea Party Folks Still Crying Fowl With Bin Laden’s Extermination

  It is a sad day in America when many people are to racist to give credit where credit is due.  President Obama gave the correct orders to our military and they in turn did their jobs accordingly.  CONGRATULATIONS to both!!


  How did the kids above make it in to a college? No doubt that they are FoxNews viewers.

  Oh yes, the un-educated idiots over at the Tea Party Nation website (registration required) are all up in arms over a black Democrat President of the United States finally doing what the Republican war machine could not do. Killing Osama Bin Laden. They are already spinning the Obama conspiracy theory that this is a made up story.

Reply by American Infidel: Judson, beautiful post. I also give Obama no credit for this, although he is already trying to milk it as cheap fodder toward his re-election, like the disgusting Chicago thug that he is. I agree with the post Governor Palin put on her Facebook page on this topic. She basically said that this is a great day for America, and that the credit for Osama's death goes to our great American military and to our intelligence services. Palin never once mentioned Obama in her Facebook post last night.

God bless America, and God bless our military and intelligence services! I thank them for this, and for all that they do.

P.S. How ironic that Obama would try to take credit for Osama's death. The only thing we can credit Obama for is the rapid Islamification of America, happening at his direction. Obama makes me sick.

Reply by Judy O'Hare:  Just food for thought--I received this email early this morning

Ok, I know we are all happy to hear that Bin Laden is dead, however....   check out this interview in 2008,  and consider the fact that "usama's" ashes (or body) will be put to rest at sea...  Could this be a political re-election tactic?  If you think not then just wait.  I guarantee there will be no picture of a body or a funeral.  Not that usama deserves one, but think about it.  Are we all being fooled?

Reply by mitchell sagraves: I'm still troubled that there is only one letter differentiating the names of Osama & Obama.............they are both terrorists of the United States. Oh how I wish that this had happened under Bush's administration.....W was the REAL president. Obama will be taking all the glory for this. God bless the USA.

Reply by Lisa Marie Campagnoli: I used to laugh at British "newspapers" that had begun to all look like the National Enquirer.  Now America's do too.  No Drama Obama--right!  Have we really been dumbed down as a nation so much that we are accepting this story line as truth and not an Obama publicity stunt, right as the bad news about the dollar has just gotten worse, right as he releases a "birth certificate" that looks photoshopped, right as he his kicking off the campaign hype?  I seriously doubt that dumping a body at sea is an acceptable Islamic practice, considering all their other rigid laws concerning food, dress, etc.  Call me skeptical about all this.

It's 3 AM but There's a Phone Ringing in the White House

  by NedSparks  Sun May 01, 2011   Original Article

I remember during the ‘08 campaign how so many claimed that Barack Obama was devoid of leadership, especially as it related to national security. The frequent characterization was, “He is inexperienced.”  Many claimed he could never be trusted to handle that 3 AM phone call. But at some point over the past few hours a phone call came in and the word was that the US military, under the leadership of President Barack Obama, caused the demise of US nemesis Osama Bin Laden.

What will the Right have to say about this President now? I have no doubt they will praise the military and marginalize the leadership of the President, but they have always believed and claimed he would never be able to capture the illusive Al-Qaida leader. I remember John McCain who said this in respect to capturing Osama Bin Laden:

I understand and I have the knowledge and the background and the experience to make the right judgments (to capture Bin Laden). Senator Obama does not…Obama doesn't know how -- how the world works nor how the military works.

Congratulations Mr. President and the men and women of the US military who assisted you in this effort.

Bin Laden’s Last Few Minutes


"Good morning, Mr. bin Laden. Here's your tea. And your noodles. And your Terror Mastermind Daily Brief."

"Ah, yes, my TMDB! I don’t even know why I bother reading them anymore. They always say the same thing: 'Trail is cold. Trail is cold. Trail is cold.' Look, it's been ten years…I got away with it. I tell you, this is going to be the last TMDB I ever read. I simply do not need them anymore. Now read me this last one and then we can sit down for a nice game of Boggle."

"Yes, sir. It says…

United States Determined to Strike Inside Bin Laden Compound in 3…2…1…

Smile, Asshole.

"See? The trail is col…  Wait, what???"

Sunday, May 01, 2011

The U.S. Exterminates Osama Bin Laden

F.B.I. Most Wanted List


  I Love This!



  Plan To Get Bin Laden

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Donald Trump: A Republicans Wet Dream?

  Nothing describes Donald Trump and the Republicans decent into stupidity more than this article from Common Dreams.

Since the election of Barack Obama, the Republican Party has proved that one of its central intellectual arguments was right all along. It has long claimed that evolution is a myth believed in only by whiny liberals – and it turns out it was on to something. Every six months, the party venerates a new hero, and each time it is somebody further back on the evolutionary scale.

   It would appear that Trump is the new hero/class clown right now.

That wasn't enough. I half-expected the next contender to be a lung-fish draped in the Stars and Stripes. But it wasn't anything so sophisticated. Enter stage (far) right Donald Trump, the bewigged billionaire who has filled America with phallic symbols and plastered his name across more surfaces than the average Central Asian dictator. CNN's polling suggests he is the most popular candidate among Republican voters. It's not hard to see why. Trump is every trend in Republican politics over the past 35 years taken to its logical conclusion. He is the Republican id, finally entirely unleashed from all restraint and all reality.

     On Donald Trump’s wealth, it is noted that most came from filing for bankruptcy.

Johnston says that in fact most of Trump's apparent fortune comes from "stiffing his creditors" and from government subsidies and favours for his projects – which followed large donations to the campaigns of both parties, sometimes in the very same contest. Trump denies these charges and presents himself as an entrepreneur "of genius".

  The rest makes for some great reading, so do so here.

The Republican Party today isn't even dominated by market fundamentalism. This is a crude Nietzscheanism, dedicated to exalting the rich as an overclass and dismissing the rest. So who should be the Republican nominee? I hear the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse were considering running – but they are facing primary challenges from the Tea Party for being way too mild-mannered.


Trump Gets Slammed At Dinner

   I do wish that I could have been at this dinner to hear President Obama and Seth Meyers roast Trump right to his face. Watch Obama at the end of this post.

From Helene Cooper at the NY Times blog,  "Obama Zings Trump at White House Correspondents’ Dinner."

"...As a hair-gelled, grimly unsmiling Mr. Trump sat at a nearby table — a guest of the Washington Post — Mr. Obama ripped one punch after another at the real estate tycoon..."

Also checkout the story from The Caucus Blog at the NY Times: "Inside the White House Correspondents’ Dinner."

Here's a little more from the Times' blog...

Obama Zings Trump at White House Correspondents’ Dinner
New York Times Blog
April 30, 2011   10:51PM

“...Donald Trump is here tonight,” the comedian in chief said, grinning. “Now, I know that he’s taken some flak lately, but no one is prouder to put this birth certificate to rest than The Donald. Now he can get to focusing on the issues that matter. Like, did we fake the moon landing? What really happened at Roswell? And where are Biggie and Tupac?”

  Anyway. President Obama was on a roll.

  Seth Meyers via The Washington Post


Testing Blogging Software

So, once again I am checking out blogging software for the latest Ubuntu release. I was not to pleased with the selection offered the last time that I went through this crap, but I now have to more newer program to look at. Thus far though, no one can touch Windows Live Writer. The all seem to be missing a few of the options that the Windows program has.