Friday, January 20, 2012

More Privatization Legislation In Florida, Republican Style

    So once again the corrupt, Republican controlled Legislature is up to it’s eyeballs in trying to hide a bill from the Florida public.

    The Republican corporate servants want to pass a bill (  SPB 7170 ) that would allow for some state agencies to be privatized in secret. 

    There is also another bill ( SPB 7172 ) which would allow the privatization of correctional facilities throughout a pretty large swath of south Florida ( 18 counties ).

Florida Today notes:

The Senate rules committee will take up the bill (PCB 7170) at today’s afternoon meeting. The bill essentially means that an agency would not have to report its privatization of a program or service until after the contract is signed.

Open government advocates say the bill would keep the public in the dark about the costs of outsourcing government services. But proponents counter that the measure requires any privatization deal to first offer “a substantial savings” to the state.

   Also, from the Orlando Sentinel:

The Senate Rules Committee, chaired by Sen. John Thrasher, R-St. Augustine, gave the go ahead for the Senate to take up legislation that would privatize correctional facilities in an 18-county South Florida region and also a bill that revises requirements for the privatization process. The second piece of legislation would drop a requirement that departments looking at privatization create a business case for privatization prior to the Legislature making the decision.

   Oh yes, another attempt by the corporate legislature to put one past the residents of Florida, who really should get off of their asses and takes these crooks like Thrasher to task for fixing something which is not broken.

    In case you have not notice in the past, most of the privatization in the state of Florida or elsewhere usually ends up costing the taxpayer more money, not less. This scam will be no different.

    What happened to the open records law that Florida government is always boasting about? Telling the public after the fact is not very transparent, and this sort of shit only happens when the parties involved have something to hide.

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Anonymous said...

Ever notice how alll fire departments are primarily white? Ocassional token non-white here or there, but it seems obvious they reserve these soft easy money spots for those who fit their ideal for their "fraternity".
And the pay/benefit package!!! This is an industry which needs privitization, let alone austerity.
If not for that family those three men would still be alive.
This topic would never have been discussed if not for them.
Fuck this helping meathead shit.