Thursday, May 17, 2012

Friday Funnies:JPMorgan,Mitt Romney

Jay Leno:"The average college graduate now leaves school $27,000 in debt. But the good news is that now it means they are more than qualified to work as financial advisers at JPMorgan."

Jimmy Fallon: "Police in California just burned 34,000 marijuana plants that were growing in a state park. The police were very angry about finding all that weed until the wind changed direction."


"David Letterman: JPMorgan lost $2 billion in bad trades. They made bad investments — for example, those gay wedding chapels in North Carolina. What were they thinking?”

"Jimmy Fallon-This week investors will be able to buy shares of Facebook stock for the first time ever. It's great – now you can lose all your money in the same place you lost all your time."