Friday, May 11, 2012

No Mercy for Romney’s Political “Slip-ups”!

By Véronique Saint-Geours
Translated By Hughie Coogan 3 May 2012 @Watching America

Edited by Lydia Dallett

Obama's surprisingly successful operation in Kabul on May 1st must have left a bitter taste in the Romney camp, after having already been exposed to failures in its own campaign.
Away from the squabbling in the electoral kitchen, a visit to Karzai and speech to the troops enabled the 44th president to reinforce his image as Commander in Chief, which the anniversary of bin Laden's elimination and a clumsiness of communication have attempted to distort.
Mitt Romney, meanwhile, is learning about campaigning, the hard way. A Swiss bank account. An employee fired because of his sexuality. Even Ann, his wife will have to change her sweater choice...
Mitt Romney has more than one of those world-renowned bank accounts in Switzerland. The Obama campaign has broadcast an advertisement since May 1st in three key states — Iowa, Ohio and Virginia — that highlights the gap between the preaching of the Republican candidate and the reality of his behavior. Romney talks a lot about restoring "jobs" in the U.S. but sends his own money to Switzerland and therefore the jobs that go with it. The clip shows a laughing Mitt Romney and the voice over urges him to bring his offshore accounts home to the U.S. In order to drive the point home, a map of the countries where the Romney family accounts are to be found helps us understand that Mitt is a bad American. The unemployed and homeless American heartland will enjoy this.
Romney lets go "his" gay. The recent arrival of Richard Grenell, an openly gay international expert, to the Romney team was seen as openness on the Republican's part. Grenell’s inclusion in the team caused tensions from the start and conservative Christian voices made sure that his life would be difficult. His position in favor of gay marriage, his bitter tweets regarding Callista Gingrich and his extremely critical mind only contributed to his departure, while professionally he is highly appreciated. Grenell was the associate of John R. Bolton, the former U.S. Ambassador to the UN. Does this mean that caring for homosexuals is off the political agenda?
Finally, Ann and her $1,000 dollar sweater. Even if the eagle is symbolically American, it does not fit every situation. Designed by Reed Krakoff, the bird of misfortune has befallen Ann Romney's campaign and that of her husband. It is strange that we have this beloved big bird in a context of crisis juxtaposed with an image of very rich Romneys. If Bill Burton, former associate of Obama, wanted to defend Ann Romney he could have asked if she wanted to be left out of all the commotion. However, the damage had already been done and her choice of sweater could bring down Romney's image for a long time to come. While she is the nice one in the couple, she chose to be exposed in the campaign and is beginning to understand all the tricks. When it comes to communication, she is either the mole or the target.