Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Obama Campaign Comes Out With Guns Ablazin'!

By brooklynbadboy  Mon May 14, 2012   Original Post

I just want to extend a hearty OOHRAH to the Obama Campaign for taking off the goddamn gloves and going to work on Mitt Romney's ribcage and kidneys. The Monday morning carpet bombing is a beautiful thing to behold. I think the Bain attack ad is pitch perfect and spot on.

I'm especially glad they opened up with the Kansas City story. That's a good way to make Romney protect his face. He now knows the Obama Campaign isn't playing tiddly winks. They're going to go right at his entire life experience. (They should go to work on Mormonism too, but I know they don't have the stomach for it. However, hope springs eternal.).

As has been pointed out, there are so many ways to go with Bain. Mitt Romney is touting it has is central justification for being president. So its totally fair game to mine this thing and flesh out every end of the story. And trust, there are at least several big stories in every single swing state. Every one. If the Obama Campaign keeps it up, and ignores the assmunch pundits in Washington, you'll see Romney's numbers begin to drop in short order over the summer and his negatives climb even higher.

What's so beautiful about the Bain ad is that Romney can't blame "a Democratic legislature" or "economic conditions" or anybody else for his activities. He was the founder and boss of Bain. Everything they do, he's the only guy responsible because he was in charge. The moment he starts running from his record at Bain, that's when you know he's bloody and headed for the canvas.

Kudos to Campaign Manager Jim Messina and media & oppo teams.

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