Monday, June 18, 2012

"The Definition of Insanity", GOP-style

   Let me see if I have this right:

Albert Einstein is credited with: "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Now, one MIGHT argue that Einstein may not have been a psychologist, but I doubt anyone could argue with the fact that he was wicked smart!

So, let's explore "Decision 2012" in light of Mr. Einstein's observation.


   It's generally acknowledged that after 12 years of inept Republican presidencies (Reagan (8), Bush 41 (4)) the Clinton administration left the USA with a budget SURPLUS, and the healthiest economy since 1980.

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Republican policies enacted since Reagan (1980) have had a disastrous effect on our economy; income inequality has surged to levels unheard of since the "Gilded age", while wages for ordinary workers has stalled, or even declined.

It is also generally acknowledged that the economic policies followed during the 8 years of George W. Bush's so-called "Compassionate Conservative" Republican administration completely squandered the budget surplus left by Clinton. Bush 43 embroiled the USA in at least two wars (Afghanistan, then Iraq) while his administration cut taxes on the wealthiest citizens, and furthered deregulation that led directly to the financial crisis of 2007-2008, which he dumped in the lap of incoming President Obama.

In addition, Bush 43 appointed two overtly Conservative Judges, Roberts and Alito, to the Supreme court, leading directly to the totally irrational Citizens United decision in January 2010, which has since unleashed billions of dollars in negative Republican Super PAC campaign advertising paid for by well-heeled Republican donors who remain, for the most part, anonymous.

The first election cycle to be impacted by the unfortunate Citizens United decision was the 2010 mid-term election, during which enough Tea Party-backed Republican candidates were elected to the House to change the Majority to the GOP.

The second election cycle in which the Citizens United money flood was apparent was the 2012 recall election for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

The third, and arguably MOST critical election cycle is currently underway - the 2012 Presidential Election. We;re already seeing the disastrous effect that Citizens United has had on the honesty of the GOP campaign - there IS no honestly. Millions of dollars of GOP ads have been promoting outright lies about the administration's accomplishments, attempting to keep the electorate confused, or misdirected. 

On the Senate side, we have seen Mitch McConnell's "campaign to make Obama a one-term President" pursued with such a vengeance that it has disrupted Senate proceedings through the unprecedented use of the Fillibuster. Literally EVERY Senate proceeding (with rare exception) has become a 60-vote contect to break a GOP fillibuster!

Now we find out that the Republicans met on Inauguration Night to plan this organized revolt strategy - their Congressional behavior has been part of a premeditated plan to oppose EVERYTHING the President has proposed, so as to deny him ANY economic improvement which could benefit his re-election campaign!

And since the Tea Party-driven mid-term election of 2010, John Boenher's GOP House has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to pass legislation to aid the economic recovery of the nation, instead, seeking to pass endless bills against abortion and birth control, while petulantly "refuse to cooperate" with the jobs agenda President Obama has been pursuing to restart the American economy.

So here is where the Insanity comes in:

Republicans are adamant that a return to the policies of Bush 43 are what will save this country from the horror of President Obama (you know - the horror of millions of jobs added since he came into office) and that we really should give the GOP back the keys to the vehicle of state after Bush 43 and his GOP Congress drove it to the edge of the financial cliff...

The Romney campaign (and ALL of the Republican-affiliated Pacs and talking heads) have been chattering NON STOP about how President Obama is "wrong for America", and has "done nothing to help" and how the only path to survival is to return to (wait for it)...  their proposals  for tax cuts for the rich, and deregulation of the industries owned by the so-called "job creators" (meaning, rich folks and corporations). 

they are hoping that Americans have forgotten that these are EXACTLY the Republican policies that originally got us INTO this mess... Oh, and their current policy proposals will also KILL Medicare, and shred what's left of the social safety net enacted during President Roosevelt's terms. These policies have kept many Americans out of abject poverty in their old age.

Anyone with half a brain can see from what's currently happening in Europe, the "austerity" measures being proposed by the GOP as their "growth plan" for America, will do NOTHING to help grow the economy, but will only sink our economy deeper into recession, and slow whatever small growth we have been able to achieve so far.

Europe has TRIED the policies the GOP is espousing - and they are FAILING there!

The Republican and Tea Party headwind created in Congress and the Senate has been entirely detrimental to our economic growth, and this blockade is THE BIGGEST reason that NO Republican majority should to be re-elected to either the House OR the Senate.

As to the putative GOP nominee, Mitt Romney, we are, for whatever reason, NOT supposed to do our due diligence on his qualifications for the office of President, but just blindly accept his "Success in Business" (i.e. killing companies and causing massive job loss while raking in million in profits for Bain Capital) and his "Experience in Government" which, apparently, he gained while as Governor of Massachusetts he made that state the 47th worst in overall job creation.

This much is clear:

It is long past time to JUST SAY NO to the GOP! they can campaign well, but tey CANNOT govern worth a damn.

History has shows that America prospers when Democrats are in the White House, and suffers when Republicans govern.

It is time this fall to remove the Republican Majority in the House, and reduce the number of Republican Senators, as well as repudiating the candidacy of Mitt Romney.

If we do not do these things in this election cycle, I'm not sure what future lies in store for America, but I'm pretty certain many citizens will be looking to emigrate somewhere else...

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