Wednesday, August 15, 2012

NYT Disembowels Ryan Budget Plan

You didn't really think I was going to say eviscerate again did you? :)  The Times has had a string of hard hitting editorials on Romney's VP pick of Ryan, and they have another today.

Romney-Ryan Plan for America

I love the way they immediately, and rightfully, link Ryan's budget proposal to Romney.  Romney is going to have to do a lot of squirming to distance himself from the Ryan plan.  Of course, Romney has had a lot of experience lately in the squirming department, and if there were an Olympic event of squirming, Romney would win gold by a long shot.

Below the fold are excerpts from the editorial.

It’s no wonder that Mr. Romney does not want to take full responsibility for his running mate’s ideas. Mr. Romney hasn’t issued a real budget plan and appears to have no interest in doing so before the election, perhaps for fear that voters might realize how little they would like it.


Even less familiar to voters are Mr. Ryan’s plans for the rest of the federal budget, which if anything are worse than his Medicare proposal. By cutting $6 trillion from federal spending over the next 10 years, he would eliminate or slash so many programs that the federal government would be unrecognizable. That has long been a goal of the Tea Party ideologues who support Mr. Ryan fervently, but it is not one shared by anywhere near a majority of Americans.


The federal government simply would not be there to help the unemployed who need job training, or struggling students who seek college educations. Washington would be unable to respond when a city cannot properly treat its sewage, or when the poor and uninsured overload emergency rooms as clinics close.


These cuts are so severe that the nation’s Catholic bishops protested the proposal as failing to meet society’s moral obligations, saying the plans “will hurt hungry children, poor families, vulnerable seniors.”


Mr. Ryan’s budget would not reach a surplus for 30 years, according to the C.B.O., because he would cut taxes, largely for the rich and for corporations, by $4 trillion.


Whatever his political considerations were, Mr. Romney made a clear statement in choosing the most extreme of the vice-presidential possibilities, both in Mr. Ryan’s economic views and his positions on social issues, like his opposition to contraception coverage under the health care reform law for employees of religiously affiliated institutions, repeal of the military’s don’t ask, don’t tell policy, and sensible gun control.

What was Rmoney thinking?  Did he really think he was going to be able to avoid all the mean spirited wing nut crap that Ryan has proposed.  He literally is talking about dismantling the federal government, sending us and the world into a deep economic depression, and making the United States a 3rd world country.

The Republican party has morphed into a group of cultists who are completely out of touch with reality, and who's greed and selfishness would end the America we've built over the past 200+ years.  If the rest of the media will step up to what the New York Times has been editorializing over the past couple of days, maybe the American public will wake up to the threat the Republican party actually presents to the worlds future.

Originally posted to pollwatcher on Mon Aug 13, 2012