Saturday, September 01, 2012

Illegal Immigrants Protesting At DNC. WTF?

   Okay people, I’m telling you right from the start that this post is going to contain a little bit of fowl language because this story flat-out pisses me the fuck off! If you cannot handle some bad words…leave.

   From the Charlotte Observer:

All of them risked deportation to demand greater rights for undocumented immigrants.

They, along with 22 others, arrived in Charlotte Saturday evening on the “Undocubus.”

The bus riders are part of a group of some four dozen riders who will converge on uptown Sunday for the March on Wall Street South.

The group left Phoenix in July in a small caravan led by a 1972 tour bus emblazoned with the words “Sin Papeles Sin Miedo” and “No Papers, No Fear.”

   That’s just the beginning since our lovely Department of homeland Security has told law enforcement to keep their hands off of these illegals.

“I think it’s outrageous that they’re thumbing their nose at federal and United States law by parading themselves around the country and advertising that they’re illegal aliens in the country, and no one is taking action against them,” Pendergraph said.

He said he’s heard that local law enforcement was told not to arrest people on the Undocubus.

“Actually, I’ve spoken to people from Homeland Security, and that’s what people have told them, is hands off,” he said.

Since May 2006, 20,710 inmates at Mecklenburg County Jail have been identified as undocumented immigrants.

   What is wrong with this fucking picture? These mother-fuckers are here illegally, thus breaking the law, and yet they can’t be arrested and sent back to their native countries? These bitches are going to protest because they think that they don’t have enough rights? Here’s a fucking right that I’ll give you assholes, okay? If you don’t like the rights that you have in America, being here un-lawfully, then you have the right to go the fuck back to Mexico, criminals!