Tuesday, October 23, 2012

This is becoming a disaster for the GOP on multiple levels

By MinistryOfTruth on Tue Oct 23, 2012

Last night every GOP fear about a Mitt Romney presidential candidacy came true. He couldn't stand up to Obama at all. There's only two weeks left to go. If this race is as close as the media keeps telling us than last night was a tremendous disaster for Republicans. Since the first debate Romney has failed to make the case for Conservativism. Instead Romney has adopted the debate strategy of being a moderate democrat who appears on Fox News, and that strategy didn't work.

Proof, from last night.

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The sum of all wingnut fears

    Romney ceded Obama way too much policy territory, adopting a "Me too" strategy that utterly failed to win over debate viewers, and the few times Mitt tried to interject with Fox News talking points about "apology tours" the President readily smacked those strawmen down. At Fox News utter calamity broke out. Did they address Romney's failures? No. They called Obama a retard instead. This is why Republicans are going to lose. Last night proved that if Obama is paying attention to the debates instead of his day job he can easily mop the floor with Romney, the best guy the GOP had in a very weak field of candidates. What Republicans must be doing is looking at the utter shitstorm coming down on the them if things don't go their way, and it can't look pretty.

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       Here is that shitstorm, summed up in 5 points (couldn't help myself)

1.    Utter failure on foreign policy.

This should be a deal breaker. The job is Commander-in-Chief. That's not a part time job to outsource to Dan Senor or John Bolton, that's a full time job along with all of the other hats that the President must wear simultaneously. I'm sorry, but last night was an embarrassingly shallow display of amateurism on the part of Romney on foreign policy. Put simply, this should disqualify Romney from the Presidency.

2.    Losing the Senate. Again.

Republicans failed to win the Senate in 2010 despite the shellacking Democrats took. This was because they ran horrible candidates who made themselves look like fools. The same thing is happening in this election.

3.    Losing the growing Latino vote by a record margin.

This is the one that hurts really bad in the long run. By pandering to a nativist base for gains in the short run Republicans are totally screwing themselves in the long run.

4.    An over-reliance on RW media instead of reality

Reality has a well-known liberal bias and Republicans haven't figured out the internet yet. When you lie on camera it exists forever. At this point you can divide America into the people who believe everything they hear on Fox News and Right Wing radio and everyone else. Whenever Republicans try to venture outside of a controlled media environment it is an utter disaster, as in "In what respects, Charlie" kind of disasters. Chris Hayes reminded us a few weeks ago that Biggie Smalls used to say "Never get high on your own supply". That is where the modern GOP is right now. They truly believe their own bullshit, no matter how demonstrably false that bullshit may be. "Fuck facts" is the motto of this GOP, and that makes it very hard to win over anyone who isn't already a true believer.

5.    Fox News and RW pundits are destroying the Republican party

This ties in with my last point. There is a reason that after America rejected Sarah Palin she ended up on Fox News across from Sean Hannity. As reality becomes less like the world Republicans are trying to convince us that we live in they have to go further and further in their attempts to stretch the truth. What works on Fox News no longer works on America. Yet the Republican party can hardly divorce themselves from Fox News or Rush Limbaugh, they are one and the same. Fox News is where Republicans go when they aren't running for a higher office, it is where they get their ideas and talking points, Fox News is as much a part of the GOP as stink is part of a skunk, and every time Mitt Romney tried to use Fox News talking points about "Libya" or "Apology Tours" Barack Obama easily pointed out that the kings of the Fox Newsiverse have no clothes. The same media that tells us Republicans are never, ever wrong is what is destroying the Republican party, by insulating them in bullshit they are walling them off from reality, and I think it will cost them at the polls. In a sane country it should.

    This was supposed to be the year the GOP took back the Senate. This was the year Republicans would defeat that overbearing tyrant who is weak overseas Barack Hussein Obama. 22 Democrats have to defend their seats this year to only 10 Republicans. GOP winning the Senate? That ain't happening. Because of bad candidates with unpopular positions Democrats will likely retain control of the Senate if they turn out and vote. Running as ultra-conservatives who parrot Fox News and Right Wing radio is costing the GOP the Senate. Again. Same thing happened in 2010, and it is proving to me that massive money and the right wing propaganda machine along with gerrymandering can deliver the House of Representatives to the GOP on a local level, but on a State level Republicans can no longer win consistently outside of the South and the sparsely populated South West and North West.

    The same, I think, is becoming true of the race for the White House. The utter folly of Republicans in nominating a Presidential candidate who wrote off the auto industry that is a vital part of America's mid west can not be overlooked. The same can be true of Romney's 47% comments. The same can be true of nominating a bankster from Bain Capital who can't connect with anyone outside of the yacht club unless they already have a blind berserker hatred of Barack Obama. The GOP, since the end of the Bush/Cheney years, has alienated too many people, and instead of moderating their policy positions or changing them altogether they have concocted a fantasy world where all of this is Obama's fault and George W. Bush never existed. The problem with that world is it doesn't exist. If Romnesia is an epidemic, than the epicenter is at Fox News. Ultra-Conservative right wing propagandists, a parade of unaccountable, mud slinging grifters and-has beens who only appeal to their own echo chamber are dragging the GOP into the gutter. Face it, take away all of their money and voter suppression and the GOP wouldn't have a chance in this election, without the astroturfed artifice of RW media and Citizens United enabled campaign money the GOP would be in total shambles. The problem for Republicans is that unaccountable billionaires run their party now and they don't know what they are doing, and even then those billionaires don't have the best interests of the once proud GOP in mind, they don't have the best interests of America in mind, they're just in this for the money. If the GOP wants to gain back its' credibility outside of its' own sphere of influence it has got to ditch its' unaccountable gasbag blowhards pundits and financiers, and I think that is about as likely as me pitching in the World Series.

   I'm not saying that we shouldn't fight like hell. If the GOP can't buy this election I have no doubt they may attempt to steal it. Fight like hell. Get out the vote. Elections matter, but keep a happy thought in mind, if things go our way this could become a disaster for the GOP on multiple levels. After 4 years of lying, obstructing and sabotaging the American recovery for their own petty political gain, I think they deserve it. In this election I felt that the GOP is like a bad football team that thinks it can win the Super Bowl when instead they should have fired their coach and started to rebuild. The GOP did not do that. Now, four years after McCain and Palin lost to Obama, the GOP has made zero inroads with shifting demographic groups that they must remain competitive with to remain viable in the future and I think they are going to get whupped by Obama again anyway.

   Fight like hell. If we vote, they lose. Elections matter, that's why the only new GOP idea in the last four years was to make it harder for people to participate in elections. Fight like hell, not like we are losing by ten points, instead fight like we can finish these wingnuts off for good. Like I said, after doing nothing to fix the country for the last four years because they were so hell bent on defeating Obama, the GOP deserves it.