Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Election Day 2012: Re-Elect Barack Obama

  Well today is the day that hopefully many more American’s than is usual will go to their polling places and vote for either wanna-be-king Mitt Romney as the next President, or for the current President, Barack Obama, giving him four more years to continue cleaning up the mess that George Bush and the Republican crime family made over their eight year reign of terror.

   The logical choice is very simple, and that would be to keep Barack Obama in the White House for another term because the man has accomplished quite a bit during his first four years despite Republican efforts to make the American economy worse by not passing any bills that would have created more jobs for the veterans and the population in general.

  Despite the lies from Mitt Romney and his Republican cohorts, the middle-class is paying less taxes under Obama, and so is everyone else, especially the rich thanks to George Bush’s tax cuts and Obama extending them. I did not agree with the extension and I hope that it dies a horrible death at the end of the year.

   I’m not sure about you, but I do not want someone like Mitt Romney in the White House who has been to afraid to give the people any kind of actual policy that he would implement once in office, other than to defund Planned Parenthood and to repeal Obama Romneycare, and to give even more tax cuts to the wealthy when we are at 50 year lows for our tax rates. This plan just continues the Republican goal of starving the government of resources to keep its programs from working in order to privatize even more agencies.

   You should also be weary of any man who follows a religion that thinks that it is okay to lie to others about anything as long as they are not fellow Mormons. We all know that Romney has the lying part down very well.

  We do not need Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in the White House now, or ever.

  Do the right thing for yourself and for your fellow man and RE-ELECT BARACK OBAMA!

   Don’t let dumb, stupid, and ignorant Tea Party members and the rest of the Republican Party destroy what is left of our great country.