Friday, February 09, 2007

War Resolution Seen Hurting Morale

War resolution seen hurting morale

By S.A. Miller
February 9, 2007

Senate Republicans yesterday contradicted top Pentagon officials who say Congress would not injure troop morale by passing a nonbinding resolution critical of President Bush's Iraq war plan.
Sen. Lindsey Graham said he was outraged that Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Peter Pace and Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates would say U.S. combat forces "understand" politics back home and won't be disheartened by a symbolic no-confidence vote against the commander in chief.

       I guess that it has not occurred to Sen. Graham that most of our troops in Iraq have been back home at least once and they have no doubt watched the news and read the papers and blogs.

    Our troops are not as ignorant as Sen. Graham appears to be and our troops have more than likely formed their own opinions on Bush's rhetoric and if I am reading the emails from friends in Iraq correctly, they have very little confidence in Bush and his policies..

    A symbolic vote of no-confidence will dishearten no-one but Sen. Graham and the remaining Republicans that support this bullshit. It will not dishearten our troops.

                         IMPEACH! INDICT! IMPRISON!


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