Saturday, January 08, 2011

Hey FoxNewsChannel! ObamaCare IS Working…

    ….so why don’t you asshats stop the lies and other propaganda that you idiots continue to spread, and try to tell the truth just once this year, or in your lifetimes,for that matter? In case you morons missed it, one of your own conservative magazines ( FORBES ) published an article on just how well small business has been doing with insuring more of their employees thanks to Obama’s tax-cut for them in order for those small businesses to be able to afford the policies.

The major health insurance companies around the country are reporting a significant increase in small businesses offering health care benefits to their employees.


Because the tax cut created in the new health care reform law providing small businesses with an incentive to give health benefits to employees is working.

We certainly did not expect to see this in this economy,” said Gary Claxton, who oversees an annual survey of employer health plans for the nonprofit Kaiser Family Foundation. “It’s surprising.”

   How about a few stats from The L.A. Times?

In the six months after the law was signed in March, UnitedHealth Group Inc., the country's largest insurer, added 75,000 new customers who work for companies with fewer than 50 employees. The Minnesota company called the increase notable but declined to reveal further details.
Coventry Health Care Inc., an insurer in Maryland that focuses on small businesses, signed contracts to cover 115,000 new workers in the first nine months of this year, an 8% jump.
In California, Warner Pacific Insurance Services in Westlake Village, a major servicer of insurance brokers, has seen business grow more than 10% this year, a company executive said.
And Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City, the largest insurer in the Kansas City, Mo., area, is reporting a 58% jump in the number of small businesses buying insurance since April, the first full month after the legislation was signed into law.
The independent nonprofit insurer has been particularly aggressive in marketing the new tax credit, which can mean a discount of as much as 35% for very small companies with low payrolls.
"One of the biggest problems in the small-group market is affordability," said Ron Rowe, who oversees small-group sales for the insurer. "We looked at the tax credit and said, 'This is perfect.'"
Rowe said that 38% of the businesses it is signing up had not offered health benefits before.

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  The Republicans (FOXNEWS) will continue to rant that ObamaCare is a job killer and that it is a deficit problem. Neither one of those talking points is true.