Sunday, January 08, 2012

Taxpayer Supported “ Liquid Stupid “

   So, what exactly is taxpayer supported “ liquid Stupid “ you ask?

   That would be the tax dollars that the United States Government collects from many of you, only to give it back to a group of people who did stupid shit while they were growing up, and continue to do as adults. That group would be those who have become lifelong drunkards who now collect a Social Security Disability check, or an Supplemental Security Income check from Uncle Sam because they were to stupid to know their limits. In many cases, they just did not care. Many of these ass-wipes haven’t been able to hold a steady job for better than 20 or more years because they couldn’t lay off of the booze long enough to go to work.

   I use a 57 year old female as an example, for starters. We will call her Terri, since that is her real name. This woman has a problem with alcohol that is so bad that it put her out in the streets for 7 years up until 2010. If it was not for the government giving her a monthly “ Stupid Check “ she would still be living in dirt.

   I remember that is was only a few years ago that the term “ stupid check “ was one that I did not care to hear. Well guess what? If Terri is an indication, then the term is an highly accurate one which fits the description of these clowns, and Terri is the queen bee of the group.

    Her habit was so bad enough at the time I met her, that in order to get her daily cans of “ Liquid Stupid “ she had resorted to prostitution for 4-packs of crap that no normal beer drinker would dare to call beer.

From her police record, it would seem that she was to drunk to sell her self, as she got arrested 2 times while walking the streets. She swears that both times were the first time that she had tried to be a hooker.

   When I met this creature, she had a habit of going into an apartment complex which is full of mostly older, handicapped people, and playing what I call “ touchy, feely “ with the old men  in order to get her nickels and dimes for her beers and cigarettes. I was not aware of this at the time that this was happening. She was drunk one day and told me about it. She also had the habit of selling off her monthly SNAP ( food stamps ) allotment to get her cans of crap for herself and for her other “ drunkard “ friends who were to lazy to get up off of their asses and apply for their own stamps, much less look for a job. These are the true bums that you workers  should not have to support.

    Terri has been an alcoholic for some 30 years and her own children would have nothing to do with her, even though they lived only a couple of miles away from her.

   Long story short, she now receives a check every month, a Social Security Disability check of slightly more than a 1k.

   What does she do now? Drinks her “ Liquid Stupid “ every day of the week until she runs out of money, and she drinks more of it now that she has a place to live in. In Tampa it is nearly impossible to rent a place if you have 6 felonies, so it took a few of us quite a bit of talking to get her in to a place, and lot’s of promises. Now she sits on her ass all day long, getting fat off of her beer and blaming everyone else but herself for her self-induced problems.

   You and I pay for her to do this shit. Why is that? Why do we have to pay for some idiot dimwit’s drinking habit, or for someone else's crack habit? This is an affront to the people of America who actually get up early in the morning to go to work or to look for a job. It is an insult and a slap in the face to those of us who try to make things better for ourselves and others. It is an insult to those people who have very real disabilities, yet have to jump through hoops to get approval for payment.

   This waste of taxpayer’s having to finance drinking and drug habits for people who chose to be stupid for most, if not all of their lives, has to come to an end. Our government is creating nothing but even more problems for our society by allowing drunks and drug addicts  to live off of those of us who try to make our lives worth something instead of sitting on our asses doing nothing but wasting a life that it not really worth living thanks to  “ Uncle Sam.”

   That may sound harsh to many of you, but it is the truth.

   Let’s get back to the drunk which I am using as an example, shall we?

   This past Sunday night, she got pissed off because I gave her the third degree over her consistent mumbling while we were watching a flick on dvd. She is like one of those assholes in a theater who cannot stop flapping their face without being told to shut up a few times. This only happens when she is stuck on drunk “ stupid.”  Anyway, she left for an hour or so and came back after I had went to bed. She has a key to let herself in, naturally, even though she shouldn’t be allowed to keep one as she leaves it in the door or loses it somewhere else.

   She lost it for the 4th time on Sunday, and after having torn up the place looking for it, I could only surmise  that she left it in the door once again. This time though, it appears that someone came along and took it.

   Now, I have 3 laptops and a desktop along with various other electronic gadgets which I am very fond of, so time to change the locks. I should not have to do this, and I would not have to if a normal person were here instead of some drunk piece of garbage.

   Before you start throwing insults my way, let me state that when sober she is as sweet as can be and I love her to death. When drunk, which is 95% of the time after she gets her check, she is not worth the ground that she crawls on and for at least 2 weeks, I do not like her at all.

    You can love someone to death for eternity, but when they keep doing the same stupid shit and not learning from it one has to stop caring as much. You cannot let your life go down the drain because of another persons stupidity and failure to try to do something about their problem. This woman does not even make the effort to do anything unless a can of Natural Ice is involved.

    She is lucky that she is not a male, otherwise that ass would be beaten down into the dirt every day of the week. As is, I am very close to not caring about whether she is a female or not, and just plain cleaning her fucking clock!

  2 years I have tried to get Terri do do something that would help herself, all to no avail.

  It is now time for myself to move on and to let her sink down back into the gutter that she came out of, where she apparently prefers to be.

  2012 is a new year and one in which I will be far away from this pathetic creature, because I no longer care what happens to her. She has made sure of that.

  S.S.D. should have never been approved for her, or for many others just like her. This is what the government allows many other drinkers and druggies to become.

   I have a few solutions to this waste of taxpayer money which I will be getting into later in the month. Right now, I have to go make sure that the drunk has not set the couch on fire.

   This rant is over and I am truly sorry that I vented on this blog. Had to get some of this off of my chest, and the only other people around here are never sober enough to speak with.