Thursday, August 02, 2012

Mitt 'let Detroit go bankrupt' Romney attacks Obama for saving auto industry

   What a truly shameless man Mitt Romney and his cohorts are.

  By Laura Clawson on Wed Aug 01, 2012       Original

Mitt Romney is once again making a truly bizarre auto bailout attack on President Obama. This video invites us to feel sympathy for an Ohio car dealer who had to close when his credit was suspended by GM during the bailout. So far, no problem—it's a shame not just for this man but for the 30 workers he reports having to lay off. But this is a Romney campaign video. It's supposed to convince us that Barack Obama mishandled the auto rescue, and that's where it loses me. How, exactly, does the fact that some people in the American auto industry lost their jobs reflect poorly on Obama in contrast to Mitt "let Detroit go bankrupt" Romney, under whose plan just about all of the people in the American auto industry would have lost their jobs?

Not only that, but, according to an Obama campaign spokesman,

"Instead of trying to deceive Ohioans they should get their facts straight because there are now 2,200 more Ohioans employed in dealerships than when the President took office," Benenati said. "While the President was busy saving the US auto industry -– which has 1 in 8 Ohio jobs tied to it –- Mitt Romney was busy arguing that we should turn our backs on an iconic industry and the workers in Ohio."

In conclusion: Barack Obama kept the American auto industry going, albeit with some job losses at the front end, and it has recovered and added hundreds of thousands of jobs. Mitt Romney called for a managed bankruptcy without government intervention, which was not possible at the time of the bailout and would have led to industry failure and catastrophic job loss. And he's putting out a video trying to get Ohio voters to think about the jobs that were lost in 2009, not the ones that were saved then or have been added since? Is insulting the intelligence and the memories of Ohio voters his major goal with this video?